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Anti-Semitism Timeline...


by R. A. Remick
           A Historical Hatred


Below is a brief historical list of past anti-Semitic events that occurred.  While this record is primarily about Christian motivated attacks against the Jews, today Muslim hatred of the Jews and Israel are at an all time high. 


There are declared jihads against Israel and the Jewish people, and the western countries that support Israel. 


Remember, those who curse the apple of God's eye (Zechariah 2:8) will incur the curse of God (Genesis 12:3). 


  A Historical Timeline

3 BCE:  Manetho, a Hellenistic Egyptian chronicler and priest, alleges that Moses was not a Jew.

175 BCE-165 BCE:  Antiochus IV Epiphanes sacks Jerusalem, calls Judaism " adverse to humanity."

2 BCE:  Mnaseas, a Greek author, reports that Jews worship a donkey's head in the Temple.

66-73 CE:  First Jewish Revolt against Romans is crushed by Vespasian and Titus Flavius.

117-138 CE:  Roman emperor Hadrian bans Judaism and crushes the revolt lead by Bar Kokhba.

170 CE:  Melito of Sardis accuses the Jews of deicide, publishing a sermon On the Passion.

306 CE:  The Council of Elvira bans intermarriage of Christians and Jews.

315-337 CE:  Constantine I  refers to Jews as the "impure beings", an "unclean sect."

325 CE:  Council of Nicaea separates Easter from Passover to separate from the detestable Jews.

386 CE:  John Chrysostom writes eight sermons Adversus Judaeos – “Against the Jews”.

388 CE:  A Christian mob incited by the local bishop plunders and burns down a synagogue.

399 CE:  Emperor Flavius Augustus Honorius confiscates gold and silver from synogogues.

415 CE:  Jews are accused of ritual murder and the Church confiscates or burns synagogues.

418 CE:  The first record of Jews being forced to convert or face expulsion.

419 CE:  The monk Barsauma destroys synagogues throughout the Eretz Israel.

429 CE:  Roman Emperor Theodosius II orders all funds raised by Jews be given to him.

439 CE:  Code of Theodosius: the first compilation of anti-Jewish laws after Constantine.

465 CE:  Council of Vannes  prohibits the Christian clergy from participating in Jewish feasts.

529-559 CE:  Emperor Justinian issues laws stating that anyone not Christian is a non-citizen.


 Jews cannot testify against Christians. 

The use of the Hebrew language in worship is forbidden.

The Shema is banned.

Some Jewish communities are converted by force.


535 CE:  Council of Clermont prohibits Jewish judges and Jewish administrative positions.

538 CE:  Third Council of Orléans prohibits Jews from appearing in the streets during Easter.

576 CE:  Bishop Avitus offers Jews a choice: accept Christianity or leave Clermont. Most leave.

587 CE:  King Reccared of Spain declares children of mixed marriages must be raised Christian.

589 CE:  The Council of Narbonne forbids Jews from chanting psalms while burying their dead.

610-620 CE:  Visigothic Spain king Sisebut prohibits Judaism. Those not baptized fled.

614 CE:  Fifth Council of Paris decrees all Jews in military or civil positions must be baptized.

615 CE:  In Italy Juramentum Judaeorum - no heretic could be believed in court against a Christian.

629 CE:  Byzantine Emperor Heraclius marches his army into Jerusalem and massacres Jews.

629 CE:  Frankish King Dagobert I expels all Jews from the kingdom.

682 CE:  Visigothic king Erwig begins his reign by enacting 28 anti-Jewish laws.

692 CE:  Trulan Council in Italy forbids clergymen to employ Jewish doctors or socialize with Jews.

694 CE:  17th Council of Toledo declares all Jewish children over age seven be raised Christian.

717 CE:  Caliph Omar II passes regulations requiring Jews to wear a special yellow garb.

722 CE:  Byzantine emperor Leo III forcibly converts all Jews to Byzantine Christianity.

807 CE:  Caliph Harun al-Rashid orders Jews to wear a yellow belt and Christians a blue belt.

820 CE:  Archbishop of Lyon declares in his essays that Jews are accursed and born to be slaves.

898-929 CE:  French King Charles the Simple confiscates & donates Jewish property to Church.

1008-1013 CE:  Caliph Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah forces Jews wear a "golden calf" around their necks.

1012 CE:  One of the first known persecutions of Jews in Germany.

1032 CE:  Abul Kamal Tumin conquers Morocco and kills 6,000 Jews.

1050 CE:  Council of Narbonne in France forbids Christians to live in Jewish homes.

1066 CE:  Jewish community of Granada came under the riotous siege resulting in 4,000 deaths.

1096 CE:  Crusaders massacre over 5,000 Jews in European cities, most notably in Rhineland.

1107 CE:  Moroccan ruler Yoseph Ibn Tashfin orders all Moroccan Jews to convert or leave.

1143 CE:  150 Jews killed in Ham, France.

1144 CE:  Jews of Norwich, England are accused with both ritual murder and blood libel.

1189-1190 CE:  Pogroms against the Jews in London.

1171 CE:  In Blois, France, 31 Jews burned at the stake for blood libel.

1180 CE:  Philip Augustus of France imprisons all Jews and demands a ransom for their release.

1190 CE:  500 Jews of York, England are massacred after 6-day siege by departing Crusaders.

1198 CE:  Saladdin's nephew al-Malik summons all the Jews and forcibly converts them to Islam.

1215 CE:  Fourth Lateran Council required that Jews wear identifying symbols.

1222 CE:  Archbishop of Canterbury Stephen Langton forbids Jews from building new synagogues.

1235 CE:  Blood libel at Fulda, Germany.

1236 CE:  Crusaders attack Jewish communities of Anjou and Poitou killing 3,000.

1240 CE:  Duke Jean le Roux expels Jews from Brittany.

1240 CE:  Pope Gregory IX puts Talmud on trial claiming blasphemy against Jesus and Mary.

1242 CE:  24 cart-loads of hand-written Talmudic manuscripts were burned in the streets of Paris.

1254 CE:  Louis IX of France expels the Jews from France, their property confiscated.

1267 CE:  The Vienna city council forces Jews to wear a cone-shaped head dress.

1275 CE:  King Edward I of England forces Jews to wear an indentifying Yellow badge.

1278 CE:  Pope Nicholas III requires compulsory attendance of Jews at conversion sermons.

1282 CE:  Archbishop of Canterbury, John Pectin, orders all London synagogues to close.

1283 CE:  Philip III of France causes mass migration of Jews.

1285 CE:  Blood libel in Munich, Germany results in the death of 248 Jews.

1287 CE:  A mob in Oberwesel, Germany kills 40 Jewish men.after a ritual murder accusation.

1290 CE:  King Edward I of England expels all Jews from England.

1291 CE:  Philip the Fair publishes an ordinance prohibiting the Jews to settle in France.

1298 CE:  German Knight Rindfleisch leads massacres of thousands of Jews in 146 localities.

1305 CE:  Philip IV of France seizes all Jewish property and expels Jews from France.

1320 CE:  Shepherds' Crusade attacks the Jews of 120 localities in southwest France.

1321 CE:  King Henry II of Castile forces Jews to wear Yellow badge.

1321 CE:  Jews in France falsely charged with poisoning wells and 5,000 are massacred.

1322 CE:  King Charles IV expels Jews from France.

1348 CE:  European Jews are blamed for the Black Death. 200 Jewish communities destroyed.

1348 CE:  Basel: 600 Jews burned at the stake and 140 children forcibly baptized.

1389 CE:  Mob slaughters 3,000 of Prague Jews, destroys the Jewish synagogue and cemetery.

1391 CE:  Violence by Archdeacon of Ecija Ferrand Martinez results in 10,000 murdered Jews.

1399 CE:  Blood libel in Posen, Poland.

1420 CE:  All Jews are expelled from Lyons, France.

1421 CE:  Persecutions of Jews in Vienna result in 270 Jews burned at stake.

1431 CE:  German Knight Saufleisch massacres Jews of Madrid on entering the city.

1435 CE:  Massacre and forced conversion of Majorcan Jews.

1463 CE:  Pope Nicholas V authorizes the Inquisition to investigate heresy among the Marranos.

1481 CE:  The Spanish Inquisition instituted.

1490 CE:  The Blood libel in Laguardia, Spain, where the alleged victim became revered as a saint.

1492 CE:  Ferdinand II & Isabella expel 200,000 Jews from Spain – legend of the Wandering Jew.

1492 CE:  27 Jews burned in Mecklenburg, Germany, accused of stabbing a consecrated wafer.

1493 CE:  In Sicily approximately 37,000 Jews are expelled.

1496 CE:  Forced conversion and expulsion of Jews from Portugal.

1498 CE:  Prince Alexander of Lithuania forces most of the Jews to forfeit their property or convert.

1506 CE:  In Lisbon, Portugal, over 2,000 marranos killed in three days.

1510 CE:  Jews are expelled from Brandenburg, Germany. 38 Jews burned at the stake in Berlin.

1516 CE:  The first ghetto in Europe established in Venice.

1543 CE:  Reformer Martin Luther leads writes a pamphlet About the Jews and Their Lies.


  "First, to set fire to their synagogues and schools...

Second, I advise that their houses also be razed

and destroyed...  Third, I advise that all their prayer

books and Talmudic writings be taken from them... 

Fourth, I advise that their rabbis be forbidden

to teach henceforth on pain of loss of life and limb...

Fifth, I advise that safe-conduct on the highways

be abolished completely for the Jews... 

Sixth, I advise that usury be prohibited to them,

and that all cash and treasure of silver and gold

be taken from them, and put aside for safe-keeping... 

Seventh, I recommend putting a flail, an ax,

a hoe, a spade, a distaff, or a spindle into the hand

of young, strong Jews... letting them earn their

bread in the sweat of their brow."


1535 CE:  After Spanish troops capture Tunis, Tunisia, all the local Jews are sold into slavery.

1547 CE:  Russia’s Ivan the Terrible refuses to allow Jews to live in or even enter his kingdom.

1555 CE:  Pope Paul IV writes:


"It appears utterly absurd and impermissible that the Jews,

whom God has condemned to eternal slavery for their guilt,

should enjoy our Christian love."  


1559 CE:  12,000 copies of Talmud were burned in Milan, Italy.

1563 CE:  Russian troops capture Polotsk and Jews told to convert or die.

1590 CE:  King Philip II of Spain orders expulsion of Jews from Lombardy.

1593 CE:  Pope Clement VIII expels Jews from all Papal states except Rome and Ancona.

1614 CE:  Vincent Fettmilch, “Haman of the Jews”, leads a raid on Frankfurt Jewish community.

1615 CE:  Louis XIII of France decrees that all Jews must leave the country in one month, or die.

1624 CE:  Ghetto established in Ferrara, Italy.

1648-1655 CE:  Ukrainian Cossacks massacre 100,000 Jews in 300 Jewish communities.

1664 CE:  Jews of Lvov, Ukraine are attacked by students of Jesuit seminary – 100 die.

1670 CE:  Jews expelled from Vienna.

1711 CE:  Johann Andreas Eisenmenger writes Entdecktes Judenthum ("Judaism Unmasked").

1727 CE:  Catherine I of Russia: "The Jews are to be expelled at once beyond the frontiers of Russia."

1734-1736 CE:  The Haidamaks, paramilitary bands in Polish Ukraine, attack Jews.

1742 CE:  Elizabeth of Russia issues a decree of expulsion of all the Jews out of Russian Empire.

1744 CE:  Austrian Archduchess Maria Theresa orders: "no Jew is to be tolerated in our duchy.”

1762 CE:  Rhode Island refuses tAaron Lopez and Isaac Eliezer citizenship because they are Jews.

1775 CE:  Pope Pius VI issues a severe Edict concerning the Jews and Judaism is suppressed.

1790 CE:  Eleazer Solomon is quartered for the alleged murder of a Christian girl in Grodno.

1790-1792 CE:  Destruction of most of the Jewish communities of Morocco.

1791 CE:  Catherine II of Russia confines Jews to the Pale of Settlement and imposes double taxes.

1827 CE:  Compulsory military service for Russian Jewish boys 18 years old for a period of 25 years.

1835 CE:  Oppressive constitution for the Jews issued by Czar Nicholas I of Russia.

1844 CE:  Karl Marx praises Bruno Bauer's essays that demands that the Jews abandon Judaism.

1853 CE:  Blood libel in Saratov, Russia renews of the blood libels throughout Russia.

1871 CE:  Speech of Pope Pius IX about Jews: "of these dogs, there are too many of them in Rome.”

1878 CE:  Adolf Stoecker, an anti-Semitic preacher and politician, founds the Social Workers' Party.

1879 CE:  Heinrich von Treitschke, German historian/politician, brings anti-Semitism to learned circles.

1879 CE:  Wilhelm Marr coins the term Anti-Semitism, meaning a hatred of the Jews.

1881-1884 CE:  Pogroms sweep southern Russia, propelling mass Jewish exodus of about 2 million.

1882 CE:  First International Anti-Jewish Congress convenes at Dresden, Germany.

1887 CE:  Russia introduces measures to limit Jews access to education, known as the quota.

1891 CE:  Blood libel persecutions against the Jews in Xanten, Germany.

1891 CE:  Expulsion of 20,000 Jews from Moscow, Russia.

1893 CE:  Karl Lueger establishes anti-Semitic Christian Social Party and becomes Vienna’s Mayor.

1894 CE:  In France in which Dreyfus, a Jew, was labeled a traitor and sent to Devil’s Island.

1899 CE:  H. S. Chamberlain, anti-Semitic author, his writings become National-Socialist ideology.

1899 CE:  Blood libel persecutions against the Jews in Bohemia.

19th & 20th centuries:  Catholic Church adheres to "good anti-Semitism" and "bad anti-Semitism."

1903 CE:  The Kishinev pogrom: 49 Jews murdered.

1905 CE:  The first appearance of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in Russia.

1911 CE:  Blood libel in Kiev.

1915 CE:  The World War I prompts expulsion of 250,000 Jews from Western Russia.

1917-1921 CE:  Masses of Jewish civilians (up to 250,000) were murdered in Russian pogroms.

1920 CE:  The Jerusalem pogrom is incited by Haj Amin Al-Husseini.

1920 CE:  Bolshevik revolution is a Jewish conspiracy for world domination.


Henry Ford prints 500,000 copies of the

"Protocols of the Elders of Zion"

and begins a series of anti-Semitic articles

in the Dearborn Independent newspaper.


1921-1925 CE:  Outbreak of Anti-Semitism in USA, lead by Ku Klux Klan.

1933-1941 CE:  Persecution of Jews in Germany rises until they are stripped of all their rights.

1935 CE:  Nuremberg Laws introduced and Jewish rights are rescinded.

1938 CE:  November 9 and 10, Kristallnacht. German synagogues  & businesses burned.

1938 CE:  Evian Conference: 31 country refuses to accept Jews trying to escape Nazi Germany.

1939 CE:  S.S. St. Louis, with 907 Jewish refugees turned away from Cuba and US, back to Germany.

1939 CE:  US Congress rejects an effort to admit 20,000 Jewish refugee children from Germany.

1940-1945 CE:  The Holocaust - Shoah.

1996 CE:  Yasser Arafat declares that Jesus of Nazareth was a Palestinian, not a Jew.


Today:  Worldwide anti-Semitism is being fueled by radical Islam, not only against the Jews, but also against the Christians who refuse to bow and worship Allah.  In Islam, both Jews and Christians are considered "people of the book" - the Bible.  However, Muslims are forbidden to read the Bible.


Islamic historical scholars have affirmed that “Allah” was the chief moon god among 360 gods that were worshipped in Arabia before the time of the prophet Mohammed.  Archaeologists have uncovered ancient temples to the moon-god throughout the Middle East. The crescent moon is the symbol of Islam. The Arabic phrase "Allahu Akbar" does not mean "God is great," but rather "Allah is greater" - over all other gods including the God of the Bible. 


The God of the Bible loves the Muslim people because they too are created in the image of God and He wants to have a loving relationship with them as well as all of humanity.  The Bible states that "God is love" and that love is personified in his followers.  It also states that those who hate (regardless of what you call yourself religiously) do not know God, because God is love.  The Bible states that murderers will not be allowed into heaven.


The Bible says that Satan, the devil, comes to steal, kill, and destroy God's creation.  The Bible calls him the great deceiver and a liar who seeks the eternal destruction of mankind so that God cannot redeem his children back to Himself.  God wants to give everlasting life while Satan offers only eternal death.  The Bible states it is Satan's goal is to rule this earth and raise himself high above the God who created the universe.


Abraham was a man of faith who knew God, and it was counted unto him as righteousness according to the Bible.  He was not a man of the sword and war, but a man of faith, obedience, and devotion to God;   the same God of creation and all humankind; the God who so loves the world that he does not want any to perish for eternity; the God who loves us and has a plan of redemption and restoration for us.



Dr. Michael Brown's video discussion  - "Anti Semitism"




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