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   Jewish rabbis reveal the Messiah

   Rabbinic authority and the Messiah 

   Unoriginal sin and good deeds

   Anti-Semitism and Christianity

   Hebrew promises of the Messiah

   Yeshua's view of the Torah  

   Torah is about law and grace
   A historical look at the Sabbath
   Replacement theology and Israel
   Coming of the Messiah
   Biblical marriage defined
   Victorious spiritual warfare
   Test your Bible knowledge
   Messiah's Passover calendar 

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References are from the 

Complete Jewish Bible 

by Dr. David H. Stern  


The Tanakh (Hebrew Scriptures) and New Testament together in one complete book.  It is written in a Hebrew context from Genesis to Revelation and includes notes, glossary, maps, and more.  The New Testament is Jewish literature, written by first-century Jews, so it deserves to be studied in its Jewish context.


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Thanking Adonai for His Word

  Tree of Life Version 

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  Read and Study the Jewish  Roots of a Newly Published Bible

The first Christians were Jews, and Christianity has its roots in the religion of God's chosen and called out people. Jesus's death and resurrection was not the beginning of a new religion but the fulfillment of the covenant God made with his people.

 The Tree of Life Version retains the Jewish perspectives of the Biblical authors and is a fresh  translation for Christians and Messianic Jews. 

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